Net Dunes have started crunching the binary codes of digital innovation, when the online applications were still on the see-saw of “Cyberdom” in the market. Since 2002, tracking the many moods of change with new media around, we are delighted to establish our ethical code-of-conduct, and unbroken service approach with impactful recognition and success to the brands we serve.

Co-locating the comprehensive nexus of the web applications in new age marketing and daily life, Net Dunes shaped up as an agency with “one-stop-solution” for the extensive line-up of web enable digital services, including Designing and Development.  A Turnkey Digital Strategy, distributed through Smart Media Planning and Buying, Capturing Website Design and development, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Corporate Logo Design and Cutting Edge Development Process – all backed by the most Updated Global Hosting Method, Dedicated Site Analytics and Comprehensive Reporting (but not constraint to) are well placed in our Service Portfolio.

Today, we have escalated to one of the leading contributors of the digital concepts in the ITES Industry. Since the inception, we have been successfully creating powerful and engaging marketing campaigns that build a Brand – online in due course of time, and hence, the business. The entire business architecture is the brain-child of a digital media strategist and entrepreneur duo, during the initial phase of cyber Industry penetration in the Indian market.

When you are in need of online services; designed to market your business as per digital strategy – count on us. Net Dunes…

Need Recognition

On the initial briefing about your business in details and its status quo, including your organizational resources, operation process, and organizational goals - our business analysts would provide you with the research based turnkeys. These are the accurately conducted SWOT analysis outputs, much needed to achieve your successful business strategy. This is the first phase of our consultancy on digital strategy implementation, coupled with marketing strategy for business optimization. The outcome can be more than one. The one, which is best-suited for your business will be identified through our analysis in partner.

Business & System Integration

By establishing the sync module in your Business and Information Technology, we strengthen the Business backed by the System Configuration. This is our endeavour to set optimum flexibility to your business operation, and pre-setting the future possibility to re-design the operational layout of the business. We consider this to be a continuous process and stand by your side in partnership to take the responsibility and provide ongoing insight of new-age market and its updates. This is an action away beyond providing mere agency support.

Communicative System Implementation

We transform your business requirements into flexible and dynamic systems that can communicate the network on end-to-end basis – creating a loop amongst all the existing nods of operational points. To establish an effective set-up, primarily we run a trail session to track on the necessary key points on the entire system. The purpose behind this activity is to ensure an error free system design, which can boost the efficiency of your business. On the basis of a positive and conclusive outcome, we finally implement the chosen solution into functional system status. We prefer the technology that suits you the best to solve the complex syntax in a most simple way.

Relentless performance

To shed off the workloads from your pre-engaged business schedule, we offer both full and selective outsourcing services. This includes everything that manages the complex process of today’s business. On this vertical, we control the widely used services like, Fault Management, where we use the set of functions to detect, isolate, and correct the glitches in the network management system. We collect and store the state data of distributed system through the System Monitoring. On high-value services, we track any kind of tangible object using the Inventory Management System of Asset Tracking, and Pre-emptive Problem Resolution, where the regulator becomes in charge of a troubled institution.

We are not a Blue Chip Company. We are not yet amongst the Fortune 500 companies. We are not listed under Nifty. We do not have any subsidiary in abroad. We do not have an office wrapped with glass facades.

But, we only work with the passionate clients. We share a relation of extended family with our clients. We have built Net Dunes brick-by-brick. In the beginning, the founders have personally took the briefings to understand the nerve of this Industry, to walk, to talk, to sleep, to dream, to live this Industry.

Now, Net Dunes is performing on their experience and presence. Will You Hire Us?

8 years that designed Net Dunes

On November 2K10, we merrily became 8 years younger by our spirit and witty through our yesteryears’ experience. In the symbiosis of this combination, we have kept exploring the Industry till date, to continue our clientele of some of the biggest and smallest corporate entities. On this never ending journey, now we would like to hear from you…

Dedicated Human Resource

Net Dunes is equipped with professionals with the perfect blend of talent, dedication, and motivation. They are still in the process of continuous self development by honing their skills upon the varied vehicles of media that Net Dunes encourages by letting them experience the wide range of assignments. Needless to say that this has further engaged them in New media, Online Projects, Cloud Computing, etc. net Dunes professionals are not just serious, there are in love with it.

A & M - the K-I-S-S principle

Be it Advertising or Marketing, projects from Net Dunes reflect an updated viewpoint in communicating the message across. Those become the intelligent selling tools of the brand message. On this context, we follow the sophistication of Kelly Johnson’s ground breaking concept of “keep it short and simple” (K-I-S-S) thus, to maximize reach of the message to the mass at large. Our communication designs are for the society – not for a mere cluster.

Plethora of graphic designs

The designing studio is configured in a way that it enables us to produce the wide range of designs those are in vogue. The hardware and software configuration, and versions are in line with to support the designing and production, ranging from various printing collateral, above the line promotional materials, ITES, to advance online project developments. All the designs, layout, logos are customized to the limit that address your problem solving stage of business optimization.

New Media auto update

We do not drop our dear professionals. They are our handmade androids, who can catch the exact vibe and frequency between the Net Dunes’ management and clients’ requirement. In the environment of continuous updates, our professionals are in the perpetual process of learning new thing on the domain they are working at – in order to provide you with the higher version compatible output.

360 service agency

Designing visiting cards to billboard production, developing static website to interactive e-commerce portal, documentation and content management to pre-emptive problem resolution, we have left almost nothing in our service portfolio, keeping one thing in mind – service to our clients under one roof, checking the cost of production, and increasing efficiency in out come through time management.

Technical support - Gratis!

We are not in the policy of burning your finger. We do not support you in lieu of service contract that attracts heavy cash outflow. Officially, our paid service contracts are for the relatively bigger supports, such as the entire website updates, complete change of the back-up management support or a holistic change of logo and graphic design. Otherwise, it is our commitment to help you in the hour of need. And it is absolutely free!

Recommendations and referrals

On submission of projects, various clients have praised our work, and assured to recommend us to their peers. We feel gratified about the fact. Nevertheless, taking this fact as fact, please feel free to get in touch with our clients for valid reference.

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